Ready to use models with animations


Mixamo made some changes since this post: FBX download option was added and you should always choose FBX for Unity(.fbx).

Simply download the model and animations and import them directly from the editor and they’ll work. Although, you’ll still have to scale the main node to (0.01, 0.01, 0.01).

I tested Malcolm model with walking in-place animation:


Thanks for your answer. I already achieved similar results with Blender and simple ( non Unity) fbx.
But when using these results in sample 6 “SkeletonAnimation” no animation shows up.

What do you mean with “download the model and animations and import them” ?
Are there different files for the model and for animation on Mixamo?


Key word is “import them directly from the editor”, no Blender used. When using the editor, the import process calls AssetImporter. Mixamo now offers two fbx formats to download, 1) an fbx format and 2) FBX for Unity(.fbx). The first is probably a FBX 2016 format and the latter is most likely FBX 2013. Assimp still only supports FBX 2013, so the logical choice is to choose FBX for Unity.

Just looked at both FBX formats in binary:

  • FBX file = FBX SDK/FBX Plugins version 2014.2.1
  • FBX for Unity = FBX SDK/FBX Plugins version 2014.2.1 build=20131219

So, I still don’t address why it doesn’t work with Blender (someone else might have that answer as I don’t use Blender), but my point is you can use the Urho3D editor to import the fbx files directly and they’ll work, provided you download the FBX for Unity files.


Autodesk license for their importer is incompatible with Blender license. Has been substituted with a reverse engineer solution, but without too much love… :wink:

EDIT: I’ve used dae from Mixamo with Blender, with some success. But I’m not sure it they truly work…


Ok, thanks so far. Instead of using the Urho editor I used the Asset importer from command line.

Now I landed at something similar to Spinning your model by 180 in code .

Blender exporter has an option for exporting bones orientation. I would try this out
as I do not know how universal your approach in Spinning your model by 180 in code is.


Is there a question in your statement? Anyway, there’s always alternatives. You can modify AssetImporter to flip the model and animation or fix Urho3D exporter for Blender.