Rename 'Urho3D' to 'Fin3D' or SEO friendly term

Hey just wanted to say I remembered this engine from years ago & wanted to check it out again. I thought it was ‘uhuro 3d’, but that didn’t work so maybe ‘uhuru 3d’ or ‘uhure 3d’, or ‘uhoro 3d’. Still couldn’t find it. Thankfully, I knew it would be on a 3d engines list somewhere & finally found it again on

Also side benefits of something like ‘Fin3D’:

  • It’s shorter.
  • It could also be short for Finnish3D
  • It could have a matching logo with a fish or shark.

But anyways don’t flip out, just an idea.

I don’t think it is necessary. Our main website already has very good SEO ranking. Just search for “3D game engine” on Google and you should find it in the search result, sometimes on the first page, sometimes can go down on the third one but it is there.

Although “Urho3D” is not an entity name, it is still somewhat binding. Read the second point. Urho3D - Documentation - Contribution checklist. I am not sure we can change the name without getting the majority of the contributors to agree.

‘Urho3D’ has LORE and MYSTERY around the name. What is Urho? Who is he? And how can he exist in multiple dimensions simultaneously? The word itself simply floods you with curiosity and inspiration!

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If you scroll to the bottom of the about page it says it’s named after the dev’s pet fish, but I think this is lost on most people vs naming it something like ‘Fin3D’ & have a fish in the logo.

Also, the current search ranking may be good on engine lists now, but there are more & more 3D engines coming out every year with extras like Vulkan & VR. It seems silly to fully depend on 3rd party list rankings. Like The Forge is a good engine/framework, I don’t see why it could not displace Urho in rankings in short time (but that doesn’t mean Urho3D should suddenly be ‘lost’ just because it can’t keep extreme feature parity).

But how does rename it from “Urho3D” to whatever really helps anything that you have just mentioned here? So, like it or or not, the name stays. You don’t have to use the engine if you cannot even remember its name.

Renaming doesn’t seem professional to me too. Although you do have a point, competition today isn’t the same as a decade ago.

Less exotic names are not only easier to remember, but they also are auto-corrected for common misspellings in search engines much easier.

Lots of products/orgs go through name simplification as it’s one of the most efficient ways to expand influence (especially digital) Cadabra → Amazon, The Facebook → Facebook, twttr → Twitter, Picaboo → Snapchat, Googolplex → Google, Apple Computer → Apple, Micro-Soft → Microsoft, Oracle Systems Corporation → Oracle, Burbn → Instagram, Silicon and Synapse → Blizzard Entertainment, Epic MegaGames → Epic Games, etc, etc

This is not just some random idea I have, it’s just a suggestion which would obviously help, but if you’re attached to an exotic name then don’t do it obviously.

This is as dumb as creating a fork of GIMP with a different name (Glimpse) that you can’t even Google and that is dead.

It’s shorter.