Render model always on top with color/alpha

I want to render a model always on top of all other models, specifying a color with alpha value for it.
Is it possible?

The technique NoTextureOverlay seems to do it, but I cannot use alpha value with the color…
(I want my model to look somewhat transparent.)

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In my material I tried using technique NoTexture with a color (+ alpha), together with renderorder but no luck.
I’m not sure how renderorder works, but shouldn’t I be able to adjust the rendering order with it?
But maybe it just works with some specific technique?

Perhaps this helps.The same idea should work for your case

Thanks for the reply, it got me a little further.
With it I can get my model on top of all, but I’m still facing two issues with it:

  • The model is rendered on top of my cursor, how can I get it rendered between the UI and all other models?
  • I can’t get any alpha (transparency) along with my color, is it possible?

Try it like this

    <command type="clear" depth="1.0" />
    <command type="scenepass" pass="TopObjects"/>
    <command type="renderui"/>

Create a copy of your DiffAlpha.xml technique and try to change the “alpha” pass to TopObjects.

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Thanks @Dave82! It works like a charm :smiley:

One last question about this, is it right adding the render path like this (after I have created the Viewport)?

		var rp = Viewport.RenderPath.Clone();
		Viewport.RenderPath = rp;

Probably the Clone() is unneccessary so you could simply write :