Render objects with transparent parts

Hi all,

I keep discovering Urho3D (a really wonderful 3D engine) and now I try to render an object (a space ship) with some transparent parts (cockpit window pane), and I come here for an advice.
I have modelled the object in Blender made of a hull and a window pane (two different objects in Blender) which have different materials. For the window pane, I set the transparency factor to something close to 0. It renders fine within Blender.
On first approach, I exported both objects in one single “mdl” file.
Then, to render it in Urho3D, I create one single node under my main scene. To that node, I attach a static model, set the model file along with a “xml” material file. However, the material file applies to the entire object, the hull and the window pane.
The result is that the window pane is not transparent !

I change the way to address the problem.

From Blender, I exported the hull to one object, and the window pane to another one.
In Urho3D, I then create a single node under the scene. Then, under that node, I create two other nodes, first one is assigned the hull object, and the second node is assigned the window pane.
By doing that, I am able to assign different “xml” material files, and for the window pane, I use something like that:

	<technique name="Techniques/DiffUnlitAlpha.xml" quality="0" />
	<parameter name="MatDiffColor" value="0.5 0.5 0.5 0.45" />
	<parameter name="MatSpecColor" value="0.5 0.1 0.1 40" />
	<parameter name="MatEmissiveColor" value="0.5 0.5 0.5 0.1" />

The material file assigned to the hull object is rendered using a simple “diff.xml” technique.

The result is what I expected. The hull is opaque and the window pane is transparent with an alpha value of 0.45. This works fine.

However, I was wondering if there is another method which could avoid splitting a complete object into several smaller “mdl” objects with different materials ? Is it possible, under Urho3D, to load one single “mdl” file, and load several material files and have some materials assigned to some sub-objects by using their names for example ?

I hope my request is clear enough, but if you need more information, I would be very pleased to provide you with some code if it can help.

All my best regards !


Enable “Materials text list” in blender. Will be created file Models/MODEL_NAME.txt with materials list. In game you can use object->ApplyMaterialList(); for use this file. In editor this file loaded automatically (as long as I remember)

Hello 1vank, thanks for your advice.
I followed your instructions and it works fine !
Here is what I did in details?

From Blender, I exported all my meshes into a single model.x file. It includes the hull and the window pane.

Using the AssetImporter, I convert the model.x file into a model.mdl file but I added the “-l” option.

$ AssetImporter model model.x model.mdl -l

This also creates a model.txt file that looks like this :

Materials/Fuselage.xml Materials/Nickel.xml Materials/Vitre.xml

In the bin/Data/Materials, the XML files shown above have been created. Then, I can modify the file called Vitre.xml (sorry, file name is in french but it is the file that defines transparency for the window pane) to use the DiffUnlitAlpha.xml technique for rendering window pane material (transparent).

In my source code, I create the static model with the following lines:

shipModel = shipNode->CreateComponent<StaticModel>();

The call to method ApplyMaterialList() without parameter tells Urho3D to read materials definition from a file called model.txt (it only replaces the .mdl extension by .txt), the one for which the content is displayed above.

And it works fine !

Thanks !