Render Target Update modes

Hi im working on a application that uses RenderTextures.

On a single frame i want to queue the update of a previous frame RenderTexture and use this result to render the current frame.
It all works well and good, except at the start the previous texture is black for 1 frame.

I have the previous RenderTexture on Manual Update Mode, and i just Queue an Update to it.

My question is, queuing an update doesn’t mean it gets rendered instantly, i think it means i only receive the result on the next frame? is this correct?
Is there any way i could force an update to a render texture to be on this frame?

I can post some images later on when i get home if it helps.

The only thing that Urho guarantees is that texture viewports are rendered on the same frame before backbuffer viewports. This allows e.g. using an up-to-date reflection texture. However order between textures is not guaranteed. At least currently, all rendering always happens at the end of frame, and it’s not possible to render “immediately”.

Ok thank you for the confirmation.