Render Texture to 3D

I am attempting to model a star and want to render the flare png to the 3D renderer. How would I go about doing this? Awhile back I used the particle system in Ogre3D to do pretty much the same thing and it worked fairly well. I created a particle system added a particle the size of the star and gave it the flare material. Made it so it had an infinite lifespan and turned it on and off when needed. I tried doing a similar thing in Urho3D but can’t make it work. Any suggestions? Right now it renders but it is just a flat rectangle, white and no blend. If I give it a lifespan it can only be seen from one angle.

Below is what I want to be able to do

You probably want to use a BillboardSet component with a material that uses the DiffUnlitParticleAdd.xml technique.

See the 07_Billboards examples for your language of concern.

Particle systems are derived from BillboardSets, most of the rendering work is in the BillboardSet itself, the particle system just deals with the dynamics.

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Perfect, thanks. Didn’t realize billboards are effectively less dynamic particles. Got it working.