Render To Texture Save As PNG

I have a problem. I am writing a program for artists. The platform is an android. One of the important components of this program is to save the render to a file. That is a picture.
The function to make a screenshot is not suitable. I need a specific size of the picture.
I tried to make an ordinary render to the texture, get a picture from the texture and save it to PNG. Used RGBA
But in the place of the picture I was getting a noise or something like that.

Help please solve this problem.

Post your code. There’s too many ways you could be trying to do this.

You should just be using GetImage() and Image::SavePNG.

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I am using some like this :

Node@ renderCameraNode = scene0.CreateChild("RenderCamera");
Camera@ renderCamera = renderCameraNode.CreateComponent("Camera");
renderCamera.orthographics = true;

Texture2D@ renderTexture = Texture2D();
renderTexture.SetSize(512, 512, GetRGBAFormat(), TEXTURE_RENDERTARGET);
Material@ renderMaterial = Material();
renderMaterial.SetTechnique(0, cache.GetResource("Technique", "Techniques/DiffUnlit.xml"));
renderMaterial.SetTexture(TU_DIFFUSE, renderTexture);

RenderSurface@ surface = renderTexture.GetRenderSurface();
Viewport@ rttViewport = Viewport(scene0, renderCamera);
surface.SetViewport(0, rttViewport); 

Texture2D@ texture = surface.parentTexture;
Image@ image = texture.GetImage();


this code is running at the end of start() function

I try do engine.RunFrame() before save

Probably need to set the surface update mode to always, the stuff with the image looks fine.

By default surfaces only render when visible. You’re probably getting whatever gobbly-gook your driver gives an uninitialized texture (noise, it’s usually a pattern though).

Surfaces do send an event, so you can subscribe to that to save the image when you know it’s really there.

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I also tried to render the entire scene with the plane on which the rendering will take place, but all the same could not save the result in png

I try always update

I try do update always but output still noise

Finally it happened!
All you need to do is

  1. use lines of code not in the Start () function but after
  2. Use RGBA texture format
  3. Surface.update = update always
  4. Before getting the image from the texture, exec engine.RunFrame()
  5. After get the image save

I think my mistake was that I used lines of the render code to the texture in the start function. Perhaps this is a specific device error.

Thank for the help!

Yeah, that’d do it. Didn’t cross my mind at the time but the cubemap rendering in the editor (Data/Scripts/Editor/ shows how wonky it can be.

Although you can immediately render a view to a render-target, it’s not doable outside of C++ and is a raw not really supported thing - so you need a really good reason to do it like lightmapping/rendering-cubes/etc.