Repeating spotlight shape texture

Hello, I’m some-what new to Urho3D. I’ve been working on a game for a little more than a week now and I decided to add a flashlight to it, but when I define the light shape texture it repeats instead of just scaling with the spotlight. Anyone know how to fix this? Is it really simple and I’m just missing something?Repeating_Spotlight

You could try by adding am xml file in the same folder of the texture, using the same name, i.e.

Spot.png is the texture, make a file and name it Spot.xml, then add this into it:

    <address coord="u" mode="border" />
    <address coord="v" mode="border" />
    <border color="0 0 0 0" />
    <mipmap enable="false" /> 
    <quality low="0" />

see the docs here


Yeah I already did that after posting this and it fixed it. Thanks for the help though!