Restrict camera to a horizontal distance

How do you keep a camera or even objects within a certain horizontal distance?

What do you mean? Like, let’s say you have a third person camera and you want it to be able to zoom out but only to a certain extent. Is that what you mean? If that’s what you mean you could just clamp the distance. That’ll let you define a min and a max distance.

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Could you indeed elaborate what you are trying to do, maybe with some pseudo-code or a drawing?

You’re likely required to familiarize yourself with basic vector math for this (like addition, substraction and the dot product) and maybe Vector3::Lerp and Clamp(T value, T min, T max). With it you could calculate the desire position of the camera for the current frame and set it during the Update event with cameraNode->SetPosition(thatVector3).

My understanding (I might be wrong) is that the camera shall stay at a certain distance from an object whatever the object movements are.
In such a case, you can create the camera node as a child on the object node and set a camera node position relative to that object.
By doing that, the camera will follow the object and the distance between the object and the camera will never change.