[Rev-Share] Programmer Needed



I am looking for some help in making a game that I am making rev-share. The premise is you go through a jump gate. Ship destroyed you being the lonely survival managed to build a mini starbase that you have to build out and crafting out a station. This is what I have already that I’ll openly discuss.


I like the idea of exploration. So one race will be prinarily science and engineering, with some tactical military and the other pure science and engineering with math logic. As must of the civilizations are planned out as I am working on the stripped down ui. The video shows the resource system, power systems, interact components, Drone AI, UI, and draft models I did and textures. The video shows the programming IDE and language I am using. I will post a recent UI.

These are the things need. I need a programmer especially. Concept art for starbases, races, and ships - Basic models of the previous with basic texture - Lore, story, and basic dialog creation - Coding to complete resource system, activities, and other management of game resources - Characters and other entity AI coding and testing - Camera system for ingame machina and animation recording

If you have a portfolio or samples. I can be contacted at cgprojectsfx@gmail.com

Things like character implementation has been made but not added yet. I’ve been mainly getting the game mechanic client and server made, plus super bare bone models. The object interactions works.

Feel free to forward to someone.



A detailed list of models needed would be nice. That way people can pick things off. For example, if you need com-badges for players or a floor tile for a building, those would be on the list.


I am talking to a few people to create a team as we get ideas of what is needed. I’ll post. Right off the bat, I think something like a oxygen and gravity generator device would be needed and the module parts for them.

I am posting it on my own website forum considering we’ll probably be updating Urho to allow more advance stuff if needed.