rigidBody->GetCollidingBodies() behavior (possibly bug)

Hi it seems that if i remove some rigid bodies from simulation , they are still cached/referenced on other rigid bodie’s list , which leads to a crash if you try to access them before next physics update


// if rigidBody2 was in collision with rigidBody1 previously , the list is invalid because rigidBody’s pointer is still on the list…

Just an idea : maybe storing the colliding bodies as a PODVector<SharedPtr > could solve the problem

SharedPtr would keep the bodies alive until the next tick, which is not wanted.

Will have to test this. It’s already iterating a structure of WeakPtr’s held inside the PhysicsWorld component.

According to my test it was returning a null pointer on the list if the body taking part in collision was already destroyed. This is now fixed in the master branch. I didn’t observe it returning dangling but non-null pointer to a destroyed body.