Running a shader on a texture and binding to it

I want to collect the normals of a model, write them to a surface, and read from it later down. Is it possible to do so all within the renderpath and techniques?

Snippet of my renderpath:

<rendertarget name="earlyzmap" sizedivisor="1 1" format="rgba" /> <!-- Create texture -->
<command type="clear" color="1 0.65 0 1" output="earlyzmap" />
<command type="scenepass" pass="earlyz"  >
	<output unit="0" name="earlyzmap" />
<command type="scenepass" pass="outline" >
	<texture unit="specular" name="earlyzmap" />

And the technique that I’m working on has this

<pass name="earlyz" vs="EarlyZ" ps="EarlyZ" />

Renderdoc (which is awesome) shows that the rendertarget does get created and cleared to orange but I can’t seem to be able to modify it with the earlyz pass. The problem could be with my shaders, but I want to check if my renderpath setup is correct.

Guys I’m stupid. Everything above is correct but I had to fix depth testing. I added depthtest="always" to the technique
Now I can’t seem to read the map from the ‘outline’ pass
EDIT 2: I also figured that out. I had a typo in the technique pass name.

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