Running Urho3D c++ on Hololens

I’ve been using the UrhoSharp binding to run Urho3D on hololens.

Now wondering if I can get the latest Urho3D release and run it directly on hololens.

Is it possible?

The urhosharp binding adds urhoholo.h/.cpp in creating a specific UrhoSharp version used by the hololens. This goes into a dll, mono-holourho.dll.

This dll is consumed bythe SharpReality binding.

Of course, I’d be switching over to c++ in walking away from the binding. That’s understood. I don’t want to update the binding, that’s not the goal here.

Here’s some windows docs on starting a holographic app in c++.

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Here’s a sample UWP app, that shows AppView and AppViewSource, both in c++.

The UrhoSharp binding provides UrhoAppView.cs and UrhoAppViewSource.cs

Then this c++ file ties urho3d to the urhoappview.

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