[S]Determine if Node's component is Static or Animate model

I want to determine if the first component in my Node use a Static or Animated node.
Is there a flag, enum, type or anything in the component to recognise this?


If I understand the question

AnimatedModel* animatedModel = GetComponent<AnimatedModel>();
if (animatedModel)
    StaticModel* staticModel = GetComponent<StaticModel>();
    if (staticModel)

Thanks mate,
At the moment I’m using the same technique.
But that would slow down, because I’m trying to get to the bounding box in the update method.

Since I would later have more than 1k nodes and calculate their position based on bounding boxes.

I want to see if there is a flag for each of the component. So that I can directly point to the correct component by GetComponents[index].


Maybe for nodes with the StaticModel set name “static” and for nodes with the AnimatedModel set name “animated” and then compare the names, although I do not think that this will give a significant performance boost

EDIT: maybe the code seems not enough fast, because you’re testing a Debug build?

At the moment the Component::GetTypeName() give similar to what you have mentioned.

I hope it to have something like an enum to differentiate different build in types.

But I guess flexibility way is the string method.


I’ve also used code like 1vanK describes. GetComponent() compares by StringHash which is unsigned (fairly fast).

Node::SetVar() could store type info in advance, though I guess GetVar() would also be searching var names by StringHash.

edit for example,

// Construct StringHash once
const StringHash VAR_MODEL_TYPE(“modelType”);

node_->SetVar(VAR_MODEL_TYPE, StaticModel::GetTypeStatic()); // or AnimatedModel, whatever

StringHash modelType(node_->GetVar(VAR_MODEL_TYPE).GetStringHash());
if (modelType == StaticModel::GetTypeStatic()) {
} else /* if (modelType == AnimatedModel::GetTypeStatic()) */ {

If you want maximum speed you could also maintain lists for static & animated objects separately, instead of continuously checking which object is which. If the lists are Vector<WeakPtr > they will not interfere by keeping the nodes alive unnecessarily, but you can safely check for destruction (the WeakPtr will return null when the node is destroyed)

I’ll keep these ideas in mind.