Save Image Location

I want to take screenshot (using graphics->TakeScreenshoot()) and save the Image using image.SaveJPG(), the function returns true but I couldn’t find the saved image file anywhere.
I tried to search using explorer but got nothing. I tried to input simple path ‘E:\imagesaved.jpg’ or ‘imagesaved.jpg’ and still got nothing.
Did I miss something? :question:
I’m using Windows 7 x64.

I found it, but file name is wrong. It saved as something random number like ‘778727527.jpg’. I called the function with: testImage.SaveJPG(String('abcdefg123.jpg'))Is it a bug?

Does it work if you use " instead of ’

You can take Bin/Data/Scripts/Editor/ or Bin/Data/Scripts/Utilities/ as examples to start from and adapt to your path (both feature taking screenshots).

Thanks for the replies. I think I found it, you don’t need to cast String on function. Just use:SaveJPG("testCapture.jpg", 100) It works for me now. :smiley:

Actually you can use the String() constructor explicitly or not. It does not really matter, provided you use the correct string literal in C/C++. The string literal is double quoted, as already pointed out by Chris.