Scene to Skybox Blender Add-On

Hi everyone,
I was unsuccessfully trying to export an environment cube map with DOF and got frustrated,
so I made a Blender add-on to do that.

You can find it here

I don’t give instructions because the UI is pretty self-explanatory but if you have any doubt, feel free to ask.

I hope it will be useful to you too!


Thank you for your great work!

Could you pleas provide screenshot of your scene setup? I never made skybox before
so I’m quite clueless there… :frowning: I’m interested in sizes and what mesh types are used and overall layout…

For this particular game, I’m just making a landscape in blender and this is the setup.

My scene uses a couple of planes and the particle system to place the props on them.

For actual Skydome and using actual photographs, you could try this.
If you use the second link’s tutorial, keep in mind that you can replace the “Render the environment map” step with my Add-On.

Basically, once you get a scene you like to see from location 0,0,0 you can call my Add-On to get a 360° view to use in a Skybox.

A good way to make some without using a skydome and photographs, could be to setup some nice clouds by using the Blender’s cloud/smoke simulator.