Scripting Language Binding

Since I have left my Urho3D journey for awhile (due to heavy workload from real-life). I wish to fetch the latest update, but I found that some changes inside “Source\Urho3D\AngelScript”, as before I have created some binding classes (such as xxxxAPI.h, xxxxAPI.cpp), for now I saw a bunch of “Generated_Members_?.cpp” to replace the binding classes as before. Is it now using an automated way to generate those classes? Since I cannot find any document about this issue, just a building flag “URHO3D_GENERATEBINDINGS” seem is related to issue, but I cannot got the expected result.

Would anyone can give me some guide of this issue? by the way is Lua binding also a same approach, thank a lot.

I am currently making significant changes to the binding autogenerator. This works at the moment, but the code remains dirty

Hi, @1vanK, I’m curious if AngelScript binding generator can also support other script languages? If there can be some kind of model, people can add script they like.

BindingGenerator is an external program and can in theory generate cpp-files with bindings for any script language (after modification ofc). At the input, BindingGenerator receives xml-files, generated by Doxygen, and output cpp-files. In very distant plans to add generation of bindings for C#.


Just add own inplementation of functions and output file names

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After some try, I have auto-generated the modified methods / classes for AS binding.
But I have created a subsystem, which is seems not auto-generated, am I need to created a Manual_XXX class to do so?

Without seeing the code, I can’t tell what the problem is