ScriptInstance problem again (almost there)

I found some time to try the Variant and ScriptObject support, but got a problem, the script is no executed because of an error.
This is my current code:

class Entity: ScriptObject
Entity@ me = @this;
			Variant param = Variant(me);
			if (scripInst !is null) {
				//we have an scrip attached				
				Array<Variant> paramlist;
				if (!scripInst.Execute("void Update(Entity@ id)", paramlist))
          Print("Error executing");
ScriptInstance@ scripInst

//This is the script to be executed:
#include "Scripts/RPG/"

	void Update(Entity@ id)
		Print("AI for "+id.Name);


Tried with ScriptObject@ instead of Entity, but got an error too, besides that I cant access the parameter as an Entity. Any suggestion about how to make ithis work?