Segment fault (generated core)

Hello comunity !!
So im on Arch Linux and i have compiled Urho3D from github, i didnt liked the fact that in Eclipse the imports headers etc show like missing, even though it compiles correctly. I got the idea of installing Urho3D from Arch package repos, and that in fact corrected the missing imports and headers but now when i compile succesfuly a new project and i run the Linux exe, the game window closes and theres a message in terminal Segment fault (‘core’ generated) (Hope this is the right translation from Spanish :smile:) Thank you in advance !

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It is called “core dump”. It is hard to say why it crashed without knowing what exactly have you changed. When you break the engine, you keep the pieces as well. :grin:


Sorry @weitjong i dont know how i fixed it, i was drawing a lot of things, maybe that was the reason, the Arch packages seem to work ok in case anybody here uses it, they work ok. I have also rebuild the project from scratch so its difficult to say what was the reason. Thank you again