Selective animation triggers

So let me explain this to be clear. Lets say I have an effect that is created when the npc does a melee attack. However I don’t wont this to be triggered by every animation that may have a trigger like footstep sounds.

So if I have a method that creates this effect in the animation trigger method. How do I keep it from always being triggered by any animation trigger event.

If this makes sense.

Animation trigger event has a “Name” element that probably contains the name of the animation. Also you can Use “Data” element that you can set what ever you want


Okay. Thanks.

So your saying I can check to see what the animation is in perhaps a conditional.

The skeletal animation section could perhaps use a small illustration.

Blender exporter sets the trigger data to a String value of the bone name, but I suppose one can use whatever Variant they want; e.g., optimize by using integers or converting the Strings to indices at runtime.

(edit) Event:

    URHO3D_PARAM(P_NODE, Node);                    // Node pointer
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_ANIMATION, Animation);          // Animation pointer
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_NAME, Name);                    // String
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_TIME, Time);                    // Float
    URHO3D_PARAM(P_DATA, Data);                    // User-defined data type


  <trigger normalizedtime="0.2" type="String" value="leg left ankle" />
  <trigger normalizedtime="0.7" type="String" value="leg right ankle" />
OnAnimationTrigger(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData) {
  const String& animStateName(eventData[AnimationTrigger::P_NAME].GetString());
  const String& boneName(eventData[AnimationTrigger::P_DATA].GetString());

@jmiller Thanks that’s pretty detailed.

Okay so for anyone in the future this is what I did:


void AIMelee::HandleAnimationTriggerZombie(StringHash eventType, VariantMap& eventData)
	using namespace AnimationTrigger;
	AnimatedModel* model = node_->GetComponent<AnimatedModel>();
	if (model)
		AnimationState* state = model->GetAnimationState(eventData[P_NAME].GetString());

		if (eventData[P_NAME].GetString() == "SOME_NAME_HERE")
			// Do shit here
		if (state == NULL)


		bone = node_->GetChild(eventData[P_DATA].GetString(), true);

		if (bone != NULL)
                // do something here



What I did was opened the animation file. At the top AssetImporter puts the default string Take 001, you can change this to a custom name, and then use a conditional like above to check if that animation is the one that has the animation trigger.

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