SetLineAntiAlias(true) on DebugRenderer does not work

I called that method on my DebugRenderer, but the lines are still jaggy. Is there any special step needed?

SetLineAntiAlias() should take effect immediately.
It is hardware-dependent and I think it’s ignored on OpenGL ES 2.

Apparently, hardware-drawing very nice lines (in OpenGL at least) is not as simple as we might expect.
(*I tried adding the glHint(GL_LINE_SMOOTH_HINT, GL_NICEST) to OGLGraphics, but did not notice a difference.)

Urho’s FXAA does pretty well, but is not exactly fine-grained.

I seem to recall the ‘lines’ subject popping up before, so maybe someone has made a share.

I tried on more powerful hardware, but still had the same issue. I’ll try on a Windows machine later and post the results.

Also happens on Windows. Has anyone successfully used this feature?

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