Silly node editor for BehaviorTree

Implemented very primitive node editor for BehaviorTree,
very silly, but very usable. Only thing external to Urho is arrow sprite.

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I’ll hooray any graph based workflow. This is really cool! I like that it’s also urho native.

Nice, though I’m not sure how you missed Lumak’s UI Components…

It’s only in cpp and maybe you’re looking for something else?

I only want to do this with native widgets and in AngelScript. Lumak’s widgets are C+±only. I want all tools to be done quickly. The tool contains not only this editor but some other ad-hoc tools like character viewer, metadata editor,
and some other tools are planned so I don’t want to spend time with fancy GUI, I need things simple and functional,
as these are for me, not for somebody else.

Made update video. Well… Enjoy my English. I never recorded myself before, did not notice
it was that bad. Need to make more stuff on youtube to improve… :slight_smile:

(No, I don’t feel ashamed, not a tiny bit. And no, I don’t really care…)