Skipping triangles in a mesh

I am drawing a mesh using a TRIANGLE_LIST. To draw the mesh I am looping over points.
To draw the TRIANGLE_LIST I have index and vertex buffers.
For example in the code below if I want to skip the triangles in point 5 and If I try with continue to skip this iteration in the loop in both vertex and index buffers I am getting a lot of graphics artefacts. What is the proper way of doing this?

batches_[0].geometry_->SetDrawRange(TRIANGLE_LIST, 0, (points_.Size() - 1), false);
float* dest = (float*)vertexBuffer_->Lock(0, (points_.Size() - 1), true);

// For each point draw triangles
for (unsigned i = 0; i < points_.Size(); ++i)

		// Skip this point
		// This apporach has graphics artefacts

	// Draw triangles
	// Update dest


Nah, your approach is too naiive.

You need to build-up triangles in index buffer, and vertex buffer and skip through whole triangle (3 index positions).

I already have index and vertex buffer but I can’t update them properly during the loop. My question is how to do it properly?

Take look at my Material Effects repo and see how VCol change happens. You could probably change a bit of that code for your needs.

Edit: hmm, that won’t do. Take a look at Geom-Replication repo for reference instead. What you should do is retain the original copy of your idxbuffer and make changes to that to skip triangle draws.

I haven’t tested the performance to heavily on this piece of code, but here’s how I handle updating the Vertex/Index buffers. Essentially, I rebuild the vertex list… but again, not sure how much that will effect performance in the long run as it’s quick and dirty. I’ve only used it for low-poly objects. A method can easily be added to remove a face which will rebuild the vertexList when calling the Commit() method.

Oh, also, just a note when updating the StaticMesh component. I’ve had to do the following

StaticModel* model = GetStaticModelComponent();
model->SetModel(null); // Clear out the previous model so this can get updated.

This is due to this line here (I’d like to know if this is correct however, as it doesn’t feel right)…: