SLikeNet runtime error (msvcrt.dll)

Compilation - MinGW, Windows XP 32bit
Master branch from 7 Dec 2018

Compilation - OK
An entry point to the _vsnprintf_s procedure was not found in the msvcrt.dll library

Without URHO3D_NETWORK - there are no runtime errors

CMake scripts or code use msvcrt.dll - version for Vista+ OS
But SLikeNet library say:
OS support: Windows XP (SP3), Windows XP x64 (SP2)

Also strange combination MinGW and Visual Studio runtime library (msvcrt.dll)

Message duplicated here -

FormatString.cpp and others .cpp files
use vsnprintf_s (not _vsnprintf_s) function.
Maybe the problem is in the build scripts or generated for library headers?

This is probably MingW bug. I myself am having similar issues with that thing.

Other (ThirdParty) libs do not produce this error

ThirdParty\AngelScript\source\as_config.h (608 and 448)

ThirdParty\Assimp\code\StringUtils.h (48)

somehow trying to get around problem.

RakNet not use this string functions.
Urho3D and other libs (i think) also.

I think this is a SLikeNet problem or build process