Snake4D: My experiments with 4D graphics and gameplay

This is classic snake game in four spatial dimensions.

This is not really a game meant to be played by a person. Unless you have basic understanding of 4D geometry, you probably won’t understand much in this “game” as well.

I mostly wanted to experiment with true 4D graphics and animation, without making 3D slices and other 4D-to-3D hacks.

If you want to see it in action, check this out: <10MB web demo
The game will play itself by default, so you don’t have to do anything.

I would have recorded a video, but video compression completely ruins wireframe graphics.
I have a screenshot just in case, but static pictures doesn’t really show much:


Finally, there’s a document that explains underlying math and logic, to certain degree:

This is technically made with Urho, so I feel like sharing it here.


That’s really cool!

Unrelated to the 4 dimensional part of it - what did you do for the wall when it was between the camera and the snake?

I hide “backward” wall unconditionally.
It doesn’t really contribute and only makes visual noise (and this “game” already has a lot of visual noise).

I also mostly hide “top” wall and draw only a few transparent quads right above the snake.

I tried to use 4D walls in previous versions, but there are 24 walls in hypercube. Too much visual noise, not helpful for navigation at all. So I decided to use simple 3D walls of the current 3D slice.

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I only play games with at least a 5D UI.
On the other hand, this is really mind-boggling. You should share this with more people!

Cool demo
Under which license is the source code ?

MIT, I guess. Updated repo to clarify it.