[SOLVED] 2d physics event and LogicComponent

Hello \0

I am trying to sort out the 2d Physics implementation stuff for myself. Right now LogicComponent do not have any subscription for 2d physics update events, so we can’t use LogicComponent#FixedUpdate and other fixed update related methods in this case because no one will call them :frowning: . How we are supposed to fixed steps for 2d graphics in this case? subscribe manually? or may be extending LogicComponent class?

Another question is: do we think that PhysicsWorld2D and 3D version of it PhysicsWorld can exists simultaneously? if no - then I can just subscribe LogicComponent for the 2D events, if 2D physics world component created

In this case the correct way is to add this functionality to LogicComponent, instead of using workarounds. It seems to simply be an overlooked case.

Should now be fixed in master branch for all of LogicComponent, ScriptInstance and LuaScriptInstance.