[SOLVED]Attach model to bone node

How do I set weapon rotation to match hand’s bone rotation ?
I get to attach nodes but rotation is wrong .

Create a separate weapon node into which you create the weapon model component, and parent it to the bone. Then adjust its local rotation. I don’t know necessarily better method than trial and error to getting it oriented properly, though. Best would be if the model had been authored so that the hand bone’s Z axis already points to the desired forward direction.

Authored inside the editor ?

this works no problem , but rotations indeed :

[code] //bow
handBoneNode = node_model->GetChild(“Bone.001”, true);//rob


// bow->Pitch(-90);
// bow->Roll(-90);
// bow->Yaw(90);

Authored in the 3D modeling program.

The editor works fine for such adjustments , but
how do you load a xml node as exported from the editor ?
[SOLVED] by manually setting attached node rotation (quaternion) as showed by the editor , after tweaking position and rotation of the model .