[SOLVED] Best format and pipeline to convert models?

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone has a tip on getting a good export with models, static or animated as I am having recent problems with the quality, particularly when applying normal maps.

I’m currently using the commandline AssimpImporter with the tangent flags set and still see some polygon edges. I’ve tried converting my models on other engines and it looks ok.

I’ve tried this:

  • MS3D Format
  • Convert the model with tangent flags in importer
  • Used DiffNormal or DiffNormalSpec
  • both DirectX/OpenGL version


** No problems with FBX 2013 **

It’s more like the tangents were not applied or producing a hard normal effect so there are uv edges, shaded sides or corners…

Yes, thanks for that. I think I am missing a step or something unless there’s a good benchmark example model or process that I can check out and compare. I suspect that good anti-aliasing technique like Nvidia’s built-in feature can improve and hide those seams but I am more concerned with the shaded areas with normal mapping. The seams does not show up though with Diffuse only technique so that adds to the weirdness. :unamused:

Thanks again for the help Sinoid. Going through the formats, it looks like FBX 2013 is the way to go. The normals are now showing up properly :slight_smile: