[SOLVED] blender animated model -was not- working for me

[SOLVED] Something in my code is wrong .
Models work perfectly inside the editor and inside urho3d samples .
Check this image for further infos :
I am trying to export an animated model which I
previously succesfully exported
with reattiva blender exporter
but model shows up with no animations inside Urho3D.
What might be the cause ?
I cross tested new model and old animations and problem seems to be in new exported animations , which by the way are identical to the olds (on blender side)…
No errors output from reattiva blender exporter .
Same -no animation- problem exporting as ogre .xml .

I know one bug of exporter. if you have few >1 armatures on object.

"It’s all about empty *.ani files (or tiny sized) then you try export complex model with several armatures (in my case) "


Is it your situation?

[SOLVED] check first post
The same as hjmediastudios describes in that issue .
As I said model and animations exported fine last time , I still have the old model which plays well .
This time , same exporting scenario , no animations playing .
A basic human skeleton (2 arms etc.) with an orc model .