[SOLVED] BorderImage issue

I’m trying to show a crosshair in the middle of the screen.
I’m using a modified version of the default Urho UI.png:

And this is the XML block that’s creating the crosshair:

 <element type="BorderImage">
  <attribute name="Name" value="CrossHair" />
  <attribute name="Position" value="0 0" />
  <attribute name="Size" value="32 32" />
  <attribute name="Max Size" value="32 32" />
  <attribute name="Horiz Alignment" value="Center" />
  <attribute name="Image Rect" value="200, 128, 232, 160" />

After hours of searching on forums, in the documentation, etc, I still cannot figure out why Urho is showing me this (instead of the crosshair):

It looks like Y coordinates of the Image Rect is totally ignored and set to 0.
Any assistance is appreciated.

Try removing the commas.

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Thanks mate.
I never saw that coming. That will teach me to mess around with xml files manually and not use the editor :stuck_out_tongue:.