[SOLVED] Child node that not inherit parent's scale

I need child node that moved with parent, but do not inherit its scale. How to do it? I see 2 approach for it:

  1. Add flags for the nodes: inherit scale, move, rotation.
  2. Add event “E_SCALECHANGED” and fix sizes of child nodes with SetSizeSilent().

Of course I can check sizes of schild nodes everey frame

    if (childNode_.GetWorldScale() != x)

but it looks as dirty hack

These kind of booleans is what Ogre does / used to do and they’re quite nasty, as they’d fall directly on the fast path required to calculate global matrices.

If possible, I suggest keeping a non-scaled parent hierarchy, and adding a separate child for the scaled parent model.

This will help me, but in my case it will be ugly. Anyway, if it strongly affects the performance, it is not necessary.