[SOLVED] Editor ColorWheel?

I see the option under “edit->color wheel” but it doesn’t do anything. Am I missing something? How do I edit colour values using the color wheel in the editor?

Example of using:

  1. Create light source
  2. Select light component
  3. Alt+w -> Light color

I can’t get it to work…

  1. Create light source
  2. Click on light source
  3. alt+w -> light color
  4. context menu disappears, nothing else happens.

Is this the intended behaviour?

On my laptop the color wheel gets created partially offscreen. With less resolution it’s not visible at all.


<attribute name="Position" value="1026 364" />

Is this the intended behaviour?
of course not.
I yesterday compile last master, and check the colorWheel a few minutes ago and it’s works fine, I mean as expected.
what build of engine you are use? own custom or what? actually I do not know that may produce this issue. try to change hot keys mode to: blender mode and try use it again

Just removed the hardcoded position from colorwheel dialog (master branch), and added centering on creation. It was probably hardcoded for full HD resolution.


<attribute name="Position" value="1026 364" />[/quote]
Lol yeah, that would do it, I have a 1024x768 screen :smiley: