[SOLVED] ERROR: Failed to add resource path Data

Hello everyone,

I’m trying to compile the 01_HelloWorld sample code with: g++ -o HelloWorld HelloWorld.cpp `pkg-config --cflags --libs Urho3D`

But at run time says:

I installed Urho3D using a deb package " Urho3D-1.32-Linux-64bit-STATIC.deb ", and had to change the prefix in " /usr/lib/pkgconfig/Urho3D.pc " from " /usr/local " to " /usr ".

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All the Urho executables (regardless of how they are being compiled and linked) need the CoreData and Data subdirs in order to execute them successfully.

Are you saying the deb package get installed to the /usr instead of /usr/local by default? If that is the case, we may have to actually set the pkgconfig to defaulted to /usr as well.

Thank you weitjong for your help and fast reply, I’m really excited to start using this engine :smiley:

I see, the directories at " /usr/share/Urho3D ". Actually, I could’ve known that if I was paying more attention, but it was not the case at the early morning :unamused:
Anyway… Thanks! That solved the problem.

Yes, all the files was at " /usr " by default, but " Urho3D.pc " pointed to " /usr/local ". It was installed in Trisquel 7 (Ubuntu 14.04) BTW.

On the second thought, I have decided to to change the default RPM and DEB installation directory to /usr/local instead of the other way around.