[SOLVED]Error when use URHO3D_HANDLER In VS 2013

Hello guys, i have a big problem, i migrate my project to Visual Studio 2013 but, if i’m compile will give me this error : [color=#FF0000]error C3083: ‘{ctor}’: the symbol to the left of a ‘::’ must be a type[/color]
this error only appears if i use URHO3D_HANDLER to SubscribeEvents

check ClassName in URHO3D_HANDLER(ClassName, Method)

I found error, is because in URHO3D_HANDLER the function call this : URHO3D_HANDLER(className, function) (new Urho3D::EventHandlerImpl(this, &className::function))
but when im call URHO3D_HANDLER im put Class+Function, in VS 2015 this error is ignored but in 2013 not,
It would be something this :