[Solved] How to get Text3D size?

I need know size of Text3D component for manual positioning. I try to use BoundingBox for it, but

Any another way?

It looks odd that worldBoundingBox should be illegal, because in that case it shouldn’t be able to render either.

You have a couple of other options. GetWidth() / GetRowHeight() / GetNumRows() should allow access to the underlying UI element’s dimensions. GetHeight() seems to be missing but shouldn’t be no reason why it shouldn’t be added.

Since Text3D is a drawable you should also be able to access its local-space bounding box (GetBoundingBox()).

The first few times

[code]void Text3D::UpdateTextBatches()

text_.GetBatches(uiBatches_, uiVertexData_, IntRect::ZERO);


uiVertexData_ is empty the first few times, but textDirty_ is setted to false

As far as I understand, at the beginning “text_.GetBatches” executes when font == null (before set font) and result is infinite bounding box.
And in my game I recieve infinite position of my node. After that any mathematical operation with this infinite pos lead to error. May be Text3D without font should be zero?

I pushed a change where the bounding box will be zeroed if there’s no text content yet.

After setting both font & text the bounding boxes should have a valid size. At least when testing with the sample 35.

It helped me, big thanks!