[SOLVED] Moving and deleting huge object count

I have a similar case as in “20_HugeObjectCount.” I have many boxes, but I need to be able to move them, and delete just like in Minecraft, and be able to dynamically change the color or texture of some boxes. With a large number of boxes (eg. 10000) and 3 viewports, greatly decreases my performance. How to optimize it? Boxes for now have no texture, just the color (diffuse). Grouping them as “20_HugeObjectCount” causes that depending on the camera position, boxes instantly change color to pale. I’m not sure what is the reason. How to best optimize it with such a large number of objects to be able to move, delete, and change the color or texture?
Thanks in advance.

Don’t attempt to do MineCraft with individual block objects. Instead have custom code which builds a mesh from the visible edges of your world. No generic-use 3D engine is going to do MineCraft with acceptable performance when each block is an individual scene node / renderable object.

Could occluding be suitable/helpful in this case? In order to not draw boxes which are at the back. Is somewhere info how to use the occluding, maybe some example?

Occluding may be helpful. However, it won’t help to render 100k boxes with acceptable performance.

In front will be about 3-5k visible boxes, rest of them will be behind and should be invisible. Is somewhere info how to use the occluding? maybe some example?
Thanks in advance.

Built-in occlusion is just some flag in settings, so it’d be easy to enable/disable it.

However, you shall understand that neither occlusion nor anything else will help you draw scene with 100k cubes with acceptable performance.