[SOLVED] OpenGL on windows without MingW

I have tried this before with older versions and I don’t see any issues, might worth checking it out again…

So far, yes it does look like a main concern there. Well, In my case I’m trying to move away with the VS compilation but one thing I like about in VS is its smaller file size with the output.

I’m genuinely confused. Is there some problem with OpenGL in Visual Studio? I’ve not had any issues myself with the latest master branch in VS2013.

I run opengl in visual studio everyday. Run ./cmake_vs20XX.bat -DURHO3D_OPENGL=1 on build. There are no problems here.

A bit late to the party: Can I disable directx in cmake? Can I disable SDL too? Does urho require SDL for mouse/keyboard inputs?

Yes, it does.
All communication with platform, including input and window management, is done via SDL.
I guess Urho can tecnhically run in headless mode w/o SDL after adjustments in the code, but you will not get any graphics.