[SOLVED]Problem compiling samples

Hi, i need help. I tried to compile the hello world in c ++ but when i run the .exe, the program crash.
These are the steps that I follow (use CodeBlocks and mingw):

  1. Add HelloWorld.cpp, HelloWorld.h and Sample.h to the project.
  2. Add the include and lib folder to settings.
  3. Compile.
    PS: sorry for my english.
    Thanks :slight_smile:

You also need the CoreData and Data directories for the samples. You will probably see in the log files that there was issues finding the resourcces.

Thanks for responding.

After copying the folders and also Urho3D.dll when I run the program, it loads a while and nothing happens, but in the task manager you can see the “HelloWorld.exe” process.
There is something in the settings need to change?
PS: in type of application select “GUI Application” also probe with “Console Application”