[SOLVED] ResourceCache don't working in DLL

Hello Guys, i have a problem when i try using ResourceCache->GetResource inside Component in external Dll
the returned value of method is only null

// if i access this code inside LogicComponent in Dll, the resource is returned NULL
ResourceCache* cache = GetSubsystem<ResourceCache>();

*The same things happens if i’m try get mouse position in input.
Sorry for English :confused:

Welcome to the forums.

I assume this is the same situation as in the issue you reported. There you left out the fact that you use a DLL, which would have given more information to diagnose. Two things come to mind to first.

  • Have you compiled also Urho as DLL? If not, you should.
  • Are the preprocessor definitions in sync between Urho and your DLL? The major ones are those like graphics subsystem (eg. URHO3D_OPENGL / URHO3D_D3D11) and URHO3D_SSE. The reason why this could cause trouble is if Urho compilation and your DLL’s compilation interpret the Urho classes’ memory layouts (from header files) differently.

Thank’s for the help, i’m trying to compile urho3D into DLL