(Solved)Translation causes distortion

Hi, im drawing a pyramid 3d object on the middle of the screen at world position 0,0,0.

Note: Underneath there is a 3D sphere with the earths map texture applied to it.
And the top pyramid vertex is placed towards the viewer, negative Z.

Here is how it looks.

Then everytime i set the parent node position or the vertices of the pyramid, the object distorts itself from the center (0,0,0).

Here is how it looks with just a 0.2 translation on X.

I have checked every parent node, there is no rotation, scale or other transforms being done.
Any ideas? on why this might be happening?

I might add that it might be the same problem as in topic867.html
Since im creating this mesh from code alone.

Could it be that you’re using a projected view and not an orthographic one?

Camera@ cam = cameraNode.GetComponent("Camera"); cam.orthographic = true;

Yeah that was it, i cant believe i didn’t notice that was the issue.