Speed improvements on Raspberry 3?


Does anyone here have experience with Urho on Raspberry Pi?

We use Urho3D as the base of our solution running on a Raspberry Pi. As of now we use the Raspberry Pi 2, but have started to migrate towards Raspberry Pi 3.
Pi 3 has faster processor and faster memory, but the same graphics chip as its predecessor. Although the graphics chip run at a higher clock speed.
So far we have not been able to see any performance gain when it comes to frame rate in comparing v3 to v2.
Therefore I?m wondering if anyone have tried this and seen improvements? Are there perhaps any compiler flags we could play with?

There are articles to be found that report on around 25% frame rate increase in Quake 3 Arena on raspberry pi 3 compared to 2. That tells me that in theory one should be able to get some benefits from the new Pi, but I don?t know if this applies to Urho3d as well.

Any thoughts on this?