Spot lights?


How do you use spot lights? I tried it and it doesn’t seem to work or configured right.

Directional and sun light work but not spot so I am thinking I am setting something wrong. … creenshot/

It’s the top screenshoot.


The spot lights light a direction by a radius and length by alpha map and attenuation. The billboards example has a working spotlight.

Ok. I will look.

A left a message of how to intergrate perlin noise heght map in a thread. I’m not sure if the method is correct but it seems like it. I am judt confused about what exactly is depth and components.

I believe the components represents how many 8bit color channels are present. rgba is 4.

Yup. It is. I think depth deals with the compression level or any numerous of things depending on the image type. For the code purposes, depth is 1 because the noise is not compressed etc.

Depth is for 3D images (to be loaded to the GPU as 3D textures). A normal 2D image would have depth 1.