Static vs static collision tests... How?

Hi. I just found out that if both bodies have marked as static (mass = 0.0f) The collision is never reported.Not even if collision mode set to COLLISION_ALWAYS.

What i’m trying to do is collect colliding bodies with the rigidBody->GetCollidingBodies() but static bodies are always ignored.
How to perform a simple static overlap test between two bodies ? Is it even possible ?

Not out of the box, statics don’t collide with each other. You have to use contactPairTest to bypass Bullet’s static-static checking.

It has to be done on an explicit pair so you’ll need to grab bodies via one of the GetRigidBodies volume queries first or know exactly who you want to test.


Thanks ! Now it works.Sort of. I can get all shapes to collide (box vs triangle , box vs sphere , box vs covexHull) but for some reason i can’t get the box vs box check to work.The physics debug render shows all the bodies are positioned correctly but no collision is recorded.

EDIT : It works now. It seems that the box should be set to kinematic.I don’t know what’s the reason behind this but the important thing is it works now.
Thanks !