Stepping down from Urho lead dev role


Following the release of Urho3D V1.7 I also have another announcement to make, which unfortunately isn’t as positive.

I have found that at this point, I don’t have an opinion on most matters regarding Urho3D’s continued development. I also have found a lack of time to evaluate pull requests properly, therefore often pulling them in with only minimal review.

In light of this, I believe the proper course of action is for me to step down from Urho3D’s lead dev position, instead of remaining in a semi-retired state and letting the project stay in uncertainty.

This means leaving the engine into the hands of the rest of the core developers. The good thing is that if you want to do something, you don’t need my acceptance. The bad thing is, you shouldn’t ask me for opinion either.

There’s still the 3D UI PR which I want to see through properly, but after that I will not take part in evaluating PR’s, matters regarding project direction or membership, or in the release cycle.

I may still contribute on issues if I have time, and find something that’s clearly my territory.

I can imagine this can come as a shock. However, I actually hope the end result will be positive - you can take the engine in whatever direction you want, without having to second-guess whether I would be doing something, or whether I would be accepting that direction.

Thank you for understanding, thanks to all contributors for your efforts over the years, and good luck!


Are you going to monitor forum/issues and answer questions?


Probably you could just share responsbilities in a way that takes less time? That is quite hard decision you do, to let go completely, isn’t it?


A big thanks for all your hard work and effort ! You have made something to be proud of, for sure.

I hope you don’t part with the feeling that you were seen as an obstacle in the way of progress. I think everyone appreciated your time as lead and approved of your direction. I certainly hope we will still see you around in discussions or maybe post any projects you are working on, even if you don’t have time for code contributions !


Congrats on making it this far, and a huge appreciation for all of your hard work! I’m sure the core devs will continue to make this a great engine as it moves forward.

Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Thanks for all of your efforts, for writing such a clean and well organized engine and keeping it MIT licensed.

I would also like to congratulate with the new lead devs as I’m sure they were already doing a great job and will keep doing so.


As time permits. If you have questions on the engine’s structure or workings of some class, certainly I hope to answer.


Without a leader who will say the last word, even such a simple question as the coding style will turn into a war


Wow!! Now that’s a bit of a shock and kind of sudden, but I get you. You’ve been awesome all these while, I just hope you’ll pop in once in a while to give your thoughts and advice on the directions the engine might be taking from now on.

But all the same, Great Job :+1:


Shocking news, indeed.

Thank you for making my favorite game engine, Lasse. I really hope you are right, and it will work best for the engine.


Oh man, this is really sad news as Urho has been a shining light of hope for me for more than a year now. I am currently using urhosharp extensively and I am not sure if there is any equivalent replacement for this great work.


@cadaver: I think I speak for all the Atomic community when I say that your work has been invaluable for us, and we wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

We are following this closely and I wonder if there’s going to be a new official lead dev or if it’s in the hands of the community now.

Thank you @cadaver and the Urho community for this awesome project! :heart:


btw @cadaver, @weitjong could you tell me the accounts of the rest of active core developers?



Preparing the ballots? :smile:


I didn’t expect you to resign from your role but good luck on your future projects! :grinning: :heart:

Nevertheless thank you for your tremendous work on this engine.


No, just for records. I don’t have much time to do much hobby coding these days though. Just waiting what finally happens about community repos, would like to participate though.

I guess nothing much change, just PRs might get slower in (or at all). Most community might go for Atomic or Urho#
if things stagnate more than they are, as these are close enough. I hope some live youngsters with burning eyes and dizzy fingers will do some motion though.


Lasse has written to me personally to break the news just before making the public announcement. For those long time followers of the project as myself, we have been prepared by Lasse on a few occasions already for thing like this to happen. Nevertheless, it is still shocking and sad to learn this as it eventually does.

@cadaver, thank you for EVERYTHING. You have laid down a very solid groundwork for the future of this project. I am very certain you will be still around to see this project reaches its new heights and also to share your insights with the new and the existing core developers for the time to come.

No doubt some of you, especially the naysayers type, will leave the community because of this. And that is fine. But for those who want to see the project to continue to thrive, now it is time to show your passion. Contribute back one way or another. Work together to fill the big void left by Lasse. Otherwise, we just prove what the doomsayers said is right.


Well, I have read through this topic and see only optimistic and wishful words.
Who do you call a doomsayer?

I really hope that uncertainty period will be as short as possible and new contributions
are accepted again, also some plans are shared on where things are going to.


It’s the right decision by @cadaver and I fully support that.

However, I also agree that someone has to step up now. I think not having someone with the power of the “final decision” is a bad thing, especially in open source projects.
Thankfully, there are a few candidates, aren’t there?
Looking at the recent commits, @TheComet @weitjong or @Eugene come to mind. But you guys will have to decide that among yourselves of course :slight_smile:

The project at the moment is in a fairly good state, so the faster things can get “back to normal”, the better.
Ogre had the same happening when the original dev removed himself as project lead (for valid reasons, too) but the project went on just fine because others took over.


Community vote? (I love you all though :-D)

You’re right, there does need to be a lead heading the project, even if it’s just by title.