Stepping down from Urho lead dev role


Let me explain further about the potential of Urho.

Only if we have -

  • A better and stronger editor (current editor is really elegant actually), e.g. if it’s based on something like QT,
  • AngelScript IDE/Debugger() or another well integrated script with IDE and debugger
  • Workflow optimized: e.g. model export, prefab, editor workflow, binary packing, etc.

We can use it to make games in an efficient and professional way!

It’s as powerful as Unity but with clean, elegant, well-designed and easy-to-maintain source code and powerful community behind it! Who knows how far can Urho3D go!

Let me add some more words. I also used / further developed game engines like Unreal Engine, Gamebryo, Nebula Device 3, cocos2d-x, Unity, etc. for commercial or casual projects. The best part of Urho is that though it’s very professional we still get lightweight and elegant game engine implementations. With some more additional work Urho can be very powerful. Obviously, @cadaver is one of the best game engine programmers on this planet. His leaving is a huge loss for the project. If there is any chance he can be on this project, please happen.


Really sad news! I also think that Urho3D is by far the best Open Source C++ engine out there. I worked with many engines - Irrlicht, Ogre3D, Unreal, Unity3D, Cocos2d, CodeCreatures Engine, NebulaEngine, … - but none of them have been so lightweight as Urho3D. To create such a piece of work it is not enough to be a good C++ developer, you must also be a good architect and that combination is rare out there. You have my biggest respect @cadaver.

The sad thing for me is, that I decided a few weeks ago to dive deeper into Urho3D and do some serious stuff, but now I fear that Urho get abandoned or at least the core code get cluttered over time like it happened with Ogre3D. Personally I don’t have the time and talent to contribute much, but I hope that the core devs are able to continue with what @cadaver started.

But anyway, I wish you @cadaver all the best and thank you for creating Urho3D.


Absolutely right. At the moment I’m studying the Unreal engine. This is a good engine, but it is unreasonably heavy. But Urho has tremendous possibilities and flexibility with so small size. The engine with this potential will certainly achieve great popularity. In fact, its popularity in the Russian segment is already high. For example VK official application uses Urho3D (vk is CIS analogue of facebook).

I think that Cadaver could make a website like UnityAssetStore or where users will post their components (paid or free) and receive revenue from it. Then he will have the incentive to continue engaging in the engine.


Urho has certain problem with assets: it doesn’t have any infrastructure.
C++ code has to be integrated manually (download&unzip&copypaste).
Assets have absolute resource paths that makes integration hard.
These problems shall be resolved before trying to make “Asset Store”


@cadaver Its sad to see you leave has you have done so much for this community not to mention starting Urho, i wish you the best of luck with whatever you do in the future and i think i speak for everyone when i say your welcome back at any time.


Wei-Tjong (Build), DragonCastJosh (Renderer), Eugene/HD_ (Core), and so on…

I wouldn’t turn down the offer but i agree with the idea that system leads is not a bad way to go forward as long as they communicate often about direction.


Well, nobody is hinting on stepping up until now so that’s good to know. :+1:

Urho’s PBR is looking awesome btw.


@1vanK unfortunately time is most important currency for me so I would be averse to any action that would lead to more of my time required. Ideally it would of course be exactly opposite, that a lead should be hungry for more popularity and to take on more work. It would potentially be a different story if we’d be using Urho directly at my employer, but it isn’t so (apart for one project which is already in the past.)


If i was offered the role id have to sit down for a hour or so with Cadaver as he walked me through the parts of the engine iv not looked at, only then would i feel comfortable taking on such a role.


Realistically I believe only currently regular and active contributors who have developed a strong sense of the code base through their contributions should be considered for the position of lead, if we were to appoint a lead. That isn’t to say new or returning contributors shouldn’t be considered, however they should become active before being considered.

For that reason I will object to any lead nominations outside of the pool of recently active contributors, as I believe the lead should have a natural interest in furthering Urho3D without the external pressure of living up to an appointed title-- after all this is a purely volunteer effort with no funds backing it.

It’s certainly not a terrible idea for the devs to share their knowledge over the code base with anyone considering becoming an active contributor, such topics are worthy of new posts in the development forum.


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I shall relay the sentiment of my fellow users: Hopefully Urho3D stays clean. Cadaver’s vision for this project was, from my humble perspective, flawless.

Really what we should do is either breed a clone OR blackmail his employer into using Urho3D again. Who’s with me?

Or perhaps that’s not a good idea…


Please do come back often and spend a little time here. We will all miss you.


Thanks 4 you support… You r the man… :sleepy:


Thank you cadaver for all you’ve done as the lead dev since the inception of this wonderful engine. You have done an awesome job with the architecture and many cohesive implementations for this engine. You stepping down as a lead developer is uncomforting, however, I don’t think you’ll do this without already knowing that the remaining core devs can handle it – 10+ years of investment shows passion that just cannot be thrown away lightly.


Thank you very much for perfect game engine with well-organized source code! Urho3D is really wonderful. You did great work. Thanks again! :slight_smile:


Indeed, many thanks to @cadaver for all his hard work that allows for pleasant high quality free and open game development from sketch to release.
It’s hard to imagine this project without Lasse’s guidance, but I have full confidence in the remaining core devs.

:metal: URHO!!! :tropical_fish:


Thank you @cadaver for this amazing game engine crafted over the years. I would like to see the engine growing in the same direction keeping the lightweighting as the central point of the project. Not sure who will handle all PRs now but I hope they will be selected without integrating everything just because they are nice, as someone will have to keep that piece of code maintained. I have already seen the C++11 feature enabled by default which makes (at the moment) everything a bit inconsistent with actual container classes: we should either go fully STL (maybe EASTL) or keep actual containers and use C++11 features like constexpr, lambda expressions, auto, nullptr, etc… but not the Standard Template Library.


Okay, I suppose I must write it here too.

Please stop complaining about this “lost leadership” so much.
Urho is mature now. It doesn’t need hard architectural decisions and sleepless weekends of programming anymore. Now developement and maintenance is perfectly done by contributors, maybe slow, but steady.

I don’t even want to talk about final words and so on. Let’s solve problems as they arise. As a last resort, we could summon cadaver for 5 min to say this (cough) word.

The only practical thing that has changed is that now Urho need more community involvement into investigating/fixing issues and reviewing PRs. I ask contributors not to skip e-mails from GitHub if you see familiar words in the title. Spend some time and try to find bugs or pitfalls in the code.


100% agree here. Most of the hard work has been done, and the engine is very stable and usable at this point. The main focus of the community now is to work out the bugs and steadily build features. There are definitely some things I would like to see on the rendering side (and I will do my best to implement some of them), but nothing groundbreaking.

I would like to thank cadaver for the persistence to make a fully-functional, clean, and organized engine. I’ve used many libraries in the past, but none as good as this. Now it’s up to the community to keep it going.


Actually, take PRs is also a difficult task. Including from a psychological point of view. Cadaver many times rejected my PRs, and never it was not offensive to me. But when peoples who have made less contribution to the engine than I, says to me: “You need this, but I do not need, so report back”, I lost any motivation to do anything else.