Stepping down from Urho lead dev role


If these people are not core devs, why do you care at all? I’ve read a lot of things against my PRs and I’ve never taken it personally. If there are issues or defects, I take it into considiration, then fix problems or revoke PR. If someone is just dislike something… Okay, continue disliking this in master, then.

Huh, just checked… I have no revoked PRs.


Ok, let’s not talk about the latest PR. Why we have buggy model in repo?


How is that a buggy model?


I learned a lot from all your open source projects, like the sprite batch tutorial, outline selection, flappyurho, model dissolving. Actually I think you should step up as the rendering lead here. So please do not lose motivition and continue the great work.
Also I learned a lot from Lumak’s open source projects, like skinned armor, material effects. Both of you are doing great contributions to Urho3D and to us as urho3d users.
Please unite together for the benefit of The urho3d engine and the community.
Right now it seems the most important thing is to settle down for a way to handle PRs. We should not let PRs stall but also not rush into the main branch. some kind of consensus mechanism should be established.