Strange problem on urho rendering

Hey guys, I’ve decided to use Urho3D combining with an old game, this way I can use urho features and keep using the engine of my game. My goal its update game engine of my old game slowly.

Today I did Urho renderer works together to my render successful, BUT, sometimes when I move the free camera, I got some weird problem on Urho renderer. Happens on determinate position of camera, this way, it isnt every time.

I dont know so much how I can describe the problem, but u guys can see on the video (in the determinate time render just one mesh):

Im using Static Scene sample, dno if there any problem on this…


Do you use Visual Studio 2017, 64 bits debug build?

Was 32 bits and release mode. Btw I’ve fixed the problem for now taking out the plane of floor (as I said, for now all is working good).

The topic has no more utility for a while, thanks anyway.