Stucked with ScriptInstance component

Im trying to use the ScriptInstance component to add scripts to nodes. After a few tries, couldnt find a way to properly use them. First I wrote a short AS script with a class, but if I put the class name in the Class attribute in editor, I got an error saying that it needs an interface with ScriptObject. This is the class code:

[code]#include “Scripts/Engine/”

class test: AIController
void Update(Entity@ e)
Print("AICtrl for "+e.Name);

Then I tried with a simple function without class, but then the problem was more strange, it simply freezes the game.
This is the code that gets the component:

if (node.HasComponent("ScriptInstance")){
      scr = node.GetComponent("ScriptInstance");
Print("script loaded");

For some reason , the game freezes after the Print and only responds to Alt-f4, and Im not even executing the script. If I remove the GetComponent line, it goes back to normal behaviour.
Can somebody illustrate me about how to properly use ScriptInstance components? How can I use Variant to pass a custom class as parameter?

Just like the ScriptObject message says, you need to inherit from ScriptObject (unless does so?), eg:

class test: ScriptObject { Update(float timeStep) { Print("hi"); } }

Note the parameter in the Update method.

Is there any way to pass a custom class as parameter?

Let me be more explicit. by custom class I mean this:

class test: ScriptObject { void Update(MyCustomClass c) }

What I cant find is a way to put MyCustomClass, or a handle to it, into a Variant to pass as parameter in ScriptInstance.Execute()

I dont want to touch the engine. Is there any other way, like registering a global or something?

There’s no reason that Varaint can’t store a ScriptObject@ handle for angelscript, I’ll look at doing it.