Stylized VFX in RIME

I subscribe to this guy and he often comes out with interesting videos - he came out with this recently:


If you liked that video, Simon also provided a link to Blizzard’s Diablo VFX video on his page -

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Just watching these two vids pushed my VFX knowledge by years. And finally learning how to do:


I guess I was the only newb to VFX who just discovered how to uv map a circle in such way to produce the effect shown in the above gif.

For other newbs like myself, here’s how:

Scrolling UV:

  1. from C -> A, produces effect shown in the gif
  2. from A -> C, shrinking effect
  3. up or down - spiral effect

Interesting concept indeed.

As a sphere (three “planes”):

Your texture on the flat circle is very interesting. I bet you can shape the circle like a fountain and it’ll be a perfect fountain. The tri-planar sphere is too abstract to know what’s going on, though - on 2nd look, it could be a lightning ball!

Both are meant to be lightning spell effects. :slight_smile:
I plan to use them for KO.

If anyone else has worked on this and would like to compare notes, email me.

In case some of you are interested in the particle count:

  • green poison - 15
  • rime fire - 1
  • pink buff - 15
  • fire - 20
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