Subclassing UI elements

I ran into most unexpected issue - subclassing UIElement breaks layout. I have nothing-out-of-ordinary UI layout loading which into UIElement works fine. Everything is displayed in the middle of the screen. Then i try to subclass UIElement and loading this layout into my subclassed object sticks all controls at top-left corner. Layouting breaks.

My class:

class WindowAnimated
    : public UIElement
    URHO3D_OBJECT(WindowAnimated, UIElement);
    WindowAnimated(Context* ctx) : UIElement(ctx) { }
    void RegisterObject(Context* context)

And i do call WindowAnimated::RegisterObject() in Setup() of my application.

I load ui something like this:

auto window = ui->GetRoot()->CreateChild(WindowAnimated::GetTypeNameStatic());
auto xml = cache.GetResource<XMLFile>(resource);

Are there any other requirements when subclassing UI elements?

My layout: MainMenu.xml.csv (3.5 KB) (Rename to MainMenu.xml).

Answer is that there are no other requirements, only that RegisterObject() is called after UI subsystem was initialized. I tripped on this since i use urho3d ui in another engine. Since this can not possible be an issue with Urho3D thread can be deleted.